"Keni Kapila" (Kenny Walters) - Keni plays ukulele, sings, and blows a mean conch shell. He is a noted composer, and Rin-Kon-Tiki performs several of his original songs, including "Who Let Loose of That Mongoose" and "Island Eyes." His tiki drink of choice is the "Mai-Tai."

"Ukulele Larry" (Larry Stein) - Ukulele Larry began playing drums in the 1950's when he was inspired by Mouseketeer Cubby's pots and pans performance on the original Mickey Mouse Club. As producer and percussionist, he is a founding member of the internationally acclaimed Repercussion Unit and as in-demand "Art in education" presenter. Larry switches from percussion to ukulele during the show, and also sings. Larry likes the Bahama Mamas, and the drink isn't bad, either. 

"Kila" (Jill Martini)- Also known for her vocal and guitar work in gypsy jazz with the Jill Martini Soiree, the lovely Kila adds vocals, ukulele bass, and a touch of class to the ensemble.  Her tiki drink of choice is the "Lapu-Lapu."

"Tangaroa Trey" (Trey O'Toole) - Trained as a symphonic percussionist, Tangaroa Trey brings his experience with a variety of organic and wooden percussion instruments to the band's sound. His favorite part of the kanikapila, however, is the blowing of the sacred conch shell under the light of tiki torches.

"Mileko" (Miles Lang) - Mileko divides his time between the Hawaiian steel guitar, ukulele, and paddling outrigger canoes. His favorite drink is the "Dark and Stormy" and he tries to make his instruments sound the same way.